Advent of Code 2020: Day 1

Whilst browsing hacker news the other day, I stumbled upon this cool blog post which mentioned the advent of code ? What exactly is this advent? It’s a series of programming challenges released in the countdown to Christmas. To help me get back into MLSA and coding generally, I decided to take part and build momentum. For Day 1: Report Repair, the first puzzle was to find out which two numbers in a list added together to 2020. To verify you had the right answer, you would provide the product of these two numbers. So for example, if the list of… Continue reading

Setting up the Kaggle API on your Paperspace machine

What is Kaggle? It’s an incredible platform that lets you practice your machine learning skills via competitions. Although I’m just getting started, it’s highly regarded as one of the best ways to accelerate your skills in the machine learning community. Where does Paperspace come into this> For?those without their own heavy-duty hardware, Paperspace allows you to rent the computing power you need for machine learning. It’s the ideal way for students taking the courses to set up a machine learning environment. This guide shows you how to get the Kaggle API working on a Paperspace machine that’s been set… Continue reading